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Anomalous Luminous Phenomena

Posted: April 12th, 2011 | Author: | Filed under: Astronomy, Cankler | Tags: , , , , , , , , , , | Comments Off on Anomalous Luminous Phenomena

Throughout history people around the world have reported seeing strange lights in the sky. Mysterious lights have always been a part of our culture, from the background of impressionist artists to the back story of hollywood blockbusters. Modern names have been given to these phenomenon, Earth lights, Anomalous Luminous Phenomena, Atmospheric Optical phenomena, UFO or *hit you see in the sky.

A number of phenomena fall under the Earth lights banner; earth quake lights, polar lights, sprites, ball lightning and mystery lights. As scientist strive to explain the remaining mysteries of Earth lights the UFO research groups are claiming Earth lights as their own.

Before, during and after earth quakes, lights are often seen in the sky. Bright flashes of light and Aurora like lights are the most common descriptions from witnesses. This phenomenon of Earth quake lights are just one category of the natural Anomalous Luminous phenomena.

Lights. Before the main earth quake in Japan an Aurora type of light was seen in the sky. During the recent 7.1 aftershock in Japan strange flashes of lights were seen in the sky. Before the 2008 quake that hit China the Aurora type of lights were also seen. So even amongst Earth quake lights there are a number of categories. Lights before the quake tend to be Aurora colourful static lights, earthquake lights during a quake tend to be like ball lightning flashes of light. Neither is scientifically understood :: Read the full article »»»»