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Government Agency Warns Infants Diagnosed with Parechovirus

Posted: November 30th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: Medicated | Tags: , | Comments Off on Government Agency Warns Infants Diagnosed with Parechovirus

Infants Diagnosed with ParechovirusAustralian GPs are being urged to be on the look out for a new virus, called Parechovirus – HPeV – that affects infants and has not been seen in Australia before.

About 20 babies have been diagnosed with the gastro and respiratory virus, which usually only causes fever, rash and diarrhoea but in severe cases can develop into hepatitis or encephalitis.

New South Wales Health – NSWH – says all 20 cases of HPeV have so far been in children aged under 16 weeks.  Parents and doctors should be on the lookout for symptoms.

HPeV is a ubiquitous virus that is transmitted from person to person via direct and indirect routes. It is the cause of paralytic poliomyelitis, a disease that has been eradicated from most western nations :: Read the full article »»»»