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Soyuz Spacecraft Launches For Year-long Mission With Russian, US Team Onboard

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Soyuz Spacecraft Launches For Year-long Mission With Russian, US Team Onboard

A Russian Soyuz spacecraft carrying three crew, including a US astronaut and a Russian cosmonaut who will be the first to spend an entire year on the International Space Station, blasted off on schedule, Russian mission control says.

The Soyuz-TMA16M spacecraft took off from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome in Kazakhstan and is headed for the International Space Station :: Read the full article »»»»

JAXAs Giant Android Leap

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JAXA LaunchJapan has launched a cargo-carrying rocket loaded with supplies for the crew of the International Space Station. Amongst the stock standard supplies, Japan has also sent a small companion robot for one of the country’s homesick astronauts.

Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency’s – JAXA – H-2B rocket blasted off on Sunday from the southern island of Tanegashima at 04:48 am local time, JAXA said the launch had gone to plan.

The latest launch is the 22nd for the decade old space agency, and the 3rd lift-off for the Agency’s  Kounotori H-II Transfer Vehicle. It’s the first time anyone has sent an interactive robot to the space station. Sending the android into space is part of a study aimed at seeing how a non-human companion can provide emotional support for people isolated over long periods :: Read the full article »»»»

NASA Calls For New Private Taxis For International Space Station

Posted: February 12th, 2012 | Author: | Filed under: Cankler Science News, NASA, National Aeronautics Space Administration, SPACE | Tags: , , , , , | Comments Off on NASA Calls For New Private Taxis For International Space Station

NASA Calls For New Taxis For International Space StationNASA is looking for at least two U.S. firms to design and build space taxis to ferry astronauts to and from the International Space Station. NASA plans on investing upward of $300 million in each of the firms selected under new 21-month partnership agreements. The new program aims to build upon previous NASA investments in companies designing commercial passenger spaceships.

With the retirement of the U.S. space shuttles last year, Russia has a monopoly on flying crews to the station, a $100 billion orbiting laboratory for medical, materials science and other research.

NASA officials said plans to select at least two prospective providers for the third round of the agency’s Commercial Crew Program is contingent upon funding. The US government provided $406 million for the effort in 2012, less than half of what the space agency requested. Read the full article »»»»

ISS Astronauts Touch Down After EPIC Stay

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Mike Fossum Expedition CommanderThree astronauts have landed safely in Kazakhstan aboard a Russian Soyuz capsule after a stay of over five months aboard the International Space Station.

American Mike Fossum, Japan’s Satoshi Furukawa and Russia’s Sergei Volkov touched down outside the remote settlement of Arkalyk just before sunrise on Tuesday after undocking from the ISS earlier in the day. It was during their stay on the ISS that a Russian unmanned Progress supply ship carrying supplies for the station crashed into Siberia in August, forcing a rethink of the timetable for manned spaceflight.

The three astronauts had spent 167 days in space – slightly more than the 161-day mission envisaged as the return was delayed by almost a week due to the Progress mishap. Russian State television pictures showed the astronauts extracted from the capsule apparently in good health.

The Soyuz capsule landed on its side rather than its bottom after its descent to Earth with a parachute, mission control said, but such a landing was not unusual. Read the full article »»»»

Branson Opens Spaceport America

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Our favorite  billionaire, Richard Branson has opened the world’s first commercial spaceport in the New Mexico desert, the new home for his company Virgin Galactic

Branson inaugurated the building by breaking a champagne bottle against the building, while rappelling down the side of it, hung 20 meters above the ground from the main terminal roof. Described by it’s builder as, the next chapter in space transportation. “Forward-thinking pioneers are developing both vertical and horizontal launch vehicles using the power of free-market enterprise.  As the world’s first purpose-built commercial spaceport, Spaceport America is designed with the needs of the commercial space business in mind. Unique geographic benefits, striking iconic design, and the tradition of New Mexico space leadership are coming together to create a new way to travel into space. When it comes to outer space, New Mexico is bringing it down to earth!” Read the full article »»»»