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Man Contracts Non-human Cancer from Tapeworm

Posted: November 25th, 2015 | Author: | Filed under: Medicated | Tags: | Comments Off on Man Contracts Non-human Cancer from Tapeworm

Man Contracts Non-human Cancer from Tapeworm - Dwarf TapewormThe idea of having a parasite infest your body is unsettling enough, but the case of a tapeworm that gave its human host cancer takes the grossness to an entirely new level.

The New England Journal of Medicine yesterday published a case study about a HIV-positive Colombian man who had tumours that yielded puzzling biopsy results: the cells were definitely cancer-like, but the cells were not human.

Three years of tests finally revealed the man had been infected by a tapeworm that had contracted cancer, which had then spread around the man’s body.

The man’s weakened immune system made him particularly susceptible to the tapeworm’s cancer cells, according to scientists and the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which helped diagnose the man ::::

“We were amazed when we found this new type of disease — tapeworms growing inside a person essentially getting cancer that spreads to the person, causing tumours,” study lead author Dr Atis Muehlenbachs said. “We think this type of event is rare. However, this tapeworm is found worldwide and millions of people globally suffer from conditions like HIV that weaken their immune system. So there may be more cases that are unrecognised. It’s definitely an area that deserves more study.”

Unfortunately, the man died just 72 hours after the doctors reached their diagnosis.

The tapeworm in question, Hymenolepis nana, or the dwarf tapeworm, is the most common tapeworm in humans, infecting up to 75 million people at any given time, according to the CDC.

People get the tapeworm by eating food contaminated with mouse droppings or insects or by ingesting faeces from someone else who is infected.

Children are most often affected and most people show no symptoms. However, in people whose immune systems are weak, including people who have HIV or are taking steroids, the tapeworm can thrive.

Pain From Tapeworm Drives Man Close to Suicide

It’s not the only recent case of a tapeworm wreaking havoc on a man’s health. A California man suffering from violent headaches learned just in time what was making him ill: a tapeworm larva that had lodged in his brain.

Doctors told local media that the parasite burrowed in the brain of Luis Ortiz, 26, a student in Sacramento, came close to taking his life, news reports said on Thursday.

The worm was forming in a cyst that blocked the flow of water to chambers in Mr Ortiz’s brain, “like a cork in a bottle,” his neurosurgeon Dr Soren Singel told the Napa Valley Register newspaper.

Mr Ortiz, who had gone to the hospital emergency room complaining of terrible headaches and nausea, eventually slipped into a coma, and required emergency surgery to remove the larvae.

“I was shocked,” he later told CBS television as he continued to recover from the ordeal. I just couldn’t believe something like that would happen to me.”Mr Ortiz said.” I didn’t know there was a parasite in my head trying to ruin my life.”

He said that during his convalescence, he has had to drop out of school, move back home, and that for now he can’t drive or work.

“My memory is like a work in progress,” Mr Ortiz said, adding that his overall brain function is slowly improving thanks to therapy.


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