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REBLOG! Dr Philip Ball Calls on Scientists to Admit Lack of DNA Evolution Knowledge

Posted: April 27th, 2013 | Author: | Filed under: REBLOG! | Tags: | Comments Off on REBLOG! Dr Philip Ball Calls on Scientists to Admit Lack of DNA Evolution Knowledge

DNA Quadruplex via Wikipedia DNAREBLOG! via Anna Salleh for Science Online: The simple story we are told about genes being the blueprint of life is “misleading and distorted”, according to a leading science writer. Sixty years ago today, Francis Crick and James Watson published details of the double helix molecular structure of DNA in Nature.

But science writer Dr Philip Ball, who has written a commentary in this week’s Nature, argues the DNA narrative has been oversimplified. Dr Ball is calling for scientists to admit they do not know how evolution works at the molecular level.

“While specialists debate what the latest [genomics] findings mean, the rhetoric of popular discussions of DNA, genomics and evolution remains largely unchanged, and the public continues to be fed assurances that DNA is as solipsistic a blueprint as ever,” Dr Ball wrote in the journal. “The usual tidy tale of how ‘DNA makes RNA makes protein’ is sanitised to the point of distortion.”

His commentary has raised the hackles of some Australian experts, who defend what has become known as the central dogma of molecular biology. Some years after the landmark paper, Crick articulated the basic idea that “DNA makes RNA, which makes protein”, which ultimately produces an organism’s “observable traits”. But Dr Ball said this narrative is oversimplified :: Read Anna Salleh’s Full Post at ABC News »»»» 

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