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Meteorite Older Than Earth Found at Australia’s Lake Eyre

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Meteorite Older Than Earth via Curtin University

A meteorite estimated to be 4.5 billion years old has been recovered by Perth researchers from a remote part of Lake Eyre in outback South Australia. In a race against time, the geologists dug the 1.7-kilogram meteorite out just hours before heavy rains would have wiped away any trace of it.

The team from Curtin University had been trying to track the fall site since the meteorite was spotted by locals and five remote cameras in late November in the William Creek and Marree areas. But on New Year’s Eve, as heavy rains brewed a downpour, the team found their needle in a haystack. Read the full article »»»»

Man Contracts Non-human Cancer from Tapeworm

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Man Contracts Non-human Cancer from Tapeworm - Dwarf TapewormThe idea of having a parasite infest your body is unsettling enough, but the case of a tapeworm that gave its human host cancer takes the grossness to an entirely new level.

The New England Journal of Medicine yesterday published a case study about a HIV-positive Colombian man who had tumours that yielded puzzling biopsy results: the cells were definitely cancer-like, but the cells were not human.

Three years of tests finally revealed the man had been infected by a tapeworm that had contracted cancer, which had then spread around the man’s body.

The man’s weakened immune system made him particularly susceptible to the tapeworm’s cancer cells, according to scientists and the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), which helped diagnose the man :: Read the full article »»»»

Chook Evolution Rate Questions Domestication Rate and Human Migration

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Chicken evolution rate challenges timings of domestication and human migrationChickens are evolving faster than previously thought, according to new research that challenges ideas of when they were domesticated and may have implications for human migration.

The findings, published in journal Biology Letters, are based on a genetic analysis of a chicken population that can be traced back over 50 generations.

The international team of researchers sequenced 12 mitochondrial genomes – DNA generally thought to be passed down from the mother to their offspring – in a well-known population of White Plymouth Rock chickens.

Previous chicken research – March 2014 – has been used to gauge human events in history, notably that Christopher Columbus beat Polynesians to South America :: Read the full article »»»»

UK Team Levitates Small Objects Using Sound

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UK Team Levitates Small Objects Using Sound

A team of UK scientists have cleverly used sound waves to levitate tiny objects, the breakthrough, published in Nature Communications, could lead to applications as out-there as Star Trek style tractor beams :: Read the full article »»»»